Athens Alumni Insights: Tyler Tolbert

Tyler Tolbert

Tyler recently graduated from the University of Georgia. His insights into Athens, GA are very current. We think after reading this post you'll want to rush to grab a bite or drink at one of Tyler's recommended restaurants, pubs or breweries.

Graduated: December 2016

Major: Biology

What's Next: I will be attending the Dental College of Georgia at Augusta University as part of the class of 2021. After graduating, I intend to open my own practice as a general dentist.

What are your 3 favorite things to do in Athens, GA?


I'm a food snob, so my favorite activity would certainly be eating out at the numerous local restaurants in Athens. I've been living here for nearly five years and I still continue to find new places with good vibes and wonderful food.

Recommendations: Catch 22 (gotta ask for the Filthy Fries), Saucehouse BBQ, and DePalma's for Italian. Finally, on certain nights, there's a Bulgarian guy with a heart of gold that has a hotdog stand right outside of Five Guy's on Broad St. I'm always sure to pay him a visit.
Filthy Fries at Catch 22, Athens, GA


Athens has a wealth of opportunities for local involvement, festivals, and volunteer/service opportunities that comprise the heart of what it means to be a resident here. Athens Twilight Race


The downtown scene is the lifeblood of college nightlife. There are certain to be both good and bad times there, but they are all memorable to say the least.

Recommendations: Boar's Head, Allgood, and Walker's Pub for their hot chocolate specials and absolutely love going to Creature Comforts and Terrapin for their tastings.
Downtown Athens

What is your most memorable game day memory?

My first one. I had never considered myself a college sports fan – let alone a UGA fan – until attending my first game day in Athens. Never in my life had I experienced a more electrifying atmosphere. The throngs of people, the energy, and the beauty of Sanford Stadium on a sunny day in Athens, GA made for more than a simple highlight of my college days. You really can't understand the culture here until you've experienced that for yourself.

We'd like to thank Tyler for sharing these great memories with us.

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