Auburn Alumni Insights: Alan Love

Alan Love

Graduated: 2009

Degree: MBA

Current Profession: Growth Strategy and Sales Excellence Consulting

What do you enjoy most about your job?: I love solving complex problems to help our clients unlock opportunities to drive profitable growth.

What are your 3 favorite things to do in Auburn, AL?


The Auburn experience is about the friends and connections that you make.  Each trip back is an opportunity to connect with faculty and administrative staff as well as other friends.  The most important question associated with our trips to Auburn is "who else is going to be there."
sanford hall


The Game Day experience in Auburn is unmatched.  I love road games - especially big wins that shut up the home crowd.  I have been to our last few wins in Knoxville and I have enjoyed how few times the band has been able to play Rocky Top and how often we get to shout A-U-B-U-R-N to the chagrin of their fans.  But a home game at Jordan-Hare is a phenomenal experience.  From tailgating to the release of the War Eagle to the hype video, pre-game is a truly memorable event.  



Everyone loves Toomer's Lemonade.  My favorite thing to do is to get a large lemonade from Toomer's, drink the first 20% of the lemonade, and replace with Bulleit Bourbon and top with a splash of any IPA.  I picked up this drink recipe from a bartender who named the drink "the Unknown Southerner."  I think it is a perfect game day concoction.  

Toomer's Lemonade


What is your most memorable game day memory?

My most memorable game day experience was watching Cam vault his way on to the national stage with his incredible performance against LSU.  It was a signature win for that team and Cam's 49-yard touchdown run was a defining moment for his Heisman resume.

Thanks Alan for sharing these great memories with us!

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