Auburn Alumni Insights: Virginia Nelson

 Virginia Nelson

Virginia was nominated by last round's featured Auburn alumni Kendall Smither. It was not long ago that Virginia was a student at Auburn University.  We asked her to share some of her favorite memories at Auburn and a little bit about herself.

Graduated: 2014

Major: B.F.A in Graphic Design

Current Profession: Graphic Designer,

What were your 3 favorite things to do in Auburn, AL?


Watching the eagle fly at Jordan Hare Stadium before the game will always be my favorite thing about Auburn. There's just something so special about watching the eagle fly while yelling WAR EAGLE! with the crowd, it gives me chills every time. war eagle


A close second would be rolling Toomer's Corner after a victory!

(It's an old Auburn tradition of celebrating football or other victories by rolling the trees in Toomer's Corner with toilet paper.)

 Toomer's Corner

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Enjoying that college-budget-friendly $5 bottle of wine at Moe's BBQ on Tuesday night was almost never missed by my friends and I.
Moe's burger

What is your most memorable game day memory?

Hands down the Iron Bowl 2013 when Chris Davis caught the missed kick by Alabama with one second remaining and ran it back 109 yards for the win. I cried.

We'd like to thank Virginia for sharing these great memories with us.

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