Georgia Alumni Insights: Jacob Eden

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What do you enjoy most about your job?: I enjoy the feeling of getting to do what I love, and tinkering with and improving products that will have a positive impact on someone's life.

Jacob's favorites  


The first, probably most obvious, one is going to football games. I have a bit of a secret double life with football that my friends know about but you would never guess based on my personality. Every home game, my friends and I would show up inconspicuously, run to the front row and proceed to strip down to a pair of shorts at most and paint up black and red for the dawgs. The Maniacs as the group has been called since before I joined, are probably the lewdest, least likely to end up on TV paint crew due to our clever puns and colorful language, but we don't do it for the show, we do it because it's fun as all hell.

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The second thing would definitely be to go climb things: there's a rock climbing gym on the north side of town with some great walls, old water towers and signs scattered around, trees to crawl up and hang your hammock from, and if you're feeling risky a lot of older buildings on campus are feasible options (it's technically not trespassing on a public university) It's just great to be outside with nothing but the noises of the city around you.


The third thing is a bit cliched, but it became one for a reason: the food. Athens has some amazing choices, ranging from Classic City classics like the Grill and Mama's Boy to tacos to die for at this little tienda off Chase St or some absolutely delicious crepes at a bar called Pauley's of all places. You have to try the peanut butter cup dessert crepe, trust me.

Pauley's crepe


What is your most memorable game day memory?

My most memorable game day has to be the 2015 game against University of Louisiana-Lafayette. I know what you're thinking, it was a cupcake to kick off the season, but it was a fun day. My crew and I showed up, painted black, but we didn't even make it to halftime before it had almost all washed off. There were lightning delays, and the student section became a dance party in the rain. By the end, we invited some random shirtless dude to join us when the game started back because he had sick moves and a lot of heart.


We'd like to thank Jacob for sharing these great memories with us!

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