Georgia Alumni Insights: Janam Patel

Alumni Insights Janam Patel

Janam is a recent graduate of UGA and a huge fan of Athens. Her dog, Pabu, also loves UGA and enjoys wearing his Georgia shirt.

Graduated: May 2017

Major: Anthropology with a Biology Minor

What's Next: Medical/Physical Therapy School

What are your 3 favorite things to do in Athens, GA?


Eating at Trappeze Pub. It's a gastropub that puts an eclectic spin on everyday pub food. My favorites are the IPA Tomato Bisque (tomato soup with a seasonal selection of IPA beer) and the Belgian Fries served with Raspberry ketchup.
Trappeze Pub


Having delicious drinks at Walker's. My favorite has to be the Salty Turtle. It's hot chocolate with caramel, dark chocolate, and salty flavors mixed in and topped with whipped cream.
Walker's Pub


Taking my dog, Pabu, to 
Memorial Park. Memorial Park is a place in the middle of the city that also doubles as the local zoo. It's a wonderful place to have family gatherings, people watch, and observe the beauty of nature. The dog park is especially spacious and is frequented by just about every Athenian with a dog! 

What is your most memorable game day memory?

We were outside of Silver Dollar, a bar that was hosting a social the night of the big UGA vs. Missouri game, and it was bursting at the seams with people. We were down late in the 4th quarter in scoring position. It was 4th and 10, and the yet-to-be-proven Jacob Eason took the snap. The crowd was completely silent and a bit dejected at the prospect of losing to Mizzou. But in true Bulldog fashion, Eason managed to find Isaiah McKenzie for a game-winning 20 yard touchdown. The crowd exploded. People were hysterical. It was the moment that we as UGA fans finally felt confident despite all the dramatic changes that had occurred in the coaching staff and team composition. Even the cops posted up outside the bar were giving people high fives.

We'd like to thank Janam for sharing these great memories with us.

If you would like to be featured in our next round of Alumni Insights or would like to nominate someone who attended UGA, Auburn or Florida, please tag them and we'll get in touch with them.


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