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Auburn Alumni Insights: Alan Love

Graduated: 2009 Degree: MBACurrent Profession: Growth Strategy and Sales Excellence Consulting What do you enjoy most about your job?: I love solving complex problems to help our clients unlock opportunities to drive profitable growth. What are your 3 favorite things to do in Auburn, AL? 1. The Auburn experience is about the friends and connections that you make.  Each trip back is an opportunity to connect with faculty and administrative staff as well as other friends.  The most important question associated with our trips to Auburn is "who else is going to be there." 2. The Game Day experience in Auburn is unmatched.  I love road games - especially big wins that shut up the home crowd.  I have been to our last few wins...

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Florida Alumni Insights: Erika Parisi

  Erika is a Florida alum who may have moved into enemy territory, Georgia, but still remains a proud gator. Graduated: May 2013 Major: Applied Physiology and Kinesiology with specialty in exercise physiology Current Profession: Physical Therapist What do you enjoy most about your job?: I love working with people and directly affecting their lives by reducing their pain and getting them back to the things they love. What are your 3 favorite things to do in Gainesville, FL? 1. Game day in The Swamp. 📷:@benhillgriffinstadium 2. Running in the Stadium. 📷:@woodlandsuf 3. Walking through Paynes Prairie. 📷:@youwishyoulucasgoodasme What is your most memorable game day memory? One of my favorite memories is my last game day in The Swamp my senior year.  It was a night game (a rarity...

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Georgia Alumni Insights: Janam Patel

Janam is a recent graduate of UGA and a huge fan of Athens. Her dog, Pabu, also loves UGA and enjoys wearing his Georgia shirt. Graduated: May 2017 Major: Anthropology with a Biology MinorWhat's Next: Medical/Physical Therapy SchoolWhat are your 3 favorite things to do in Athens, GA? 1. Eating at Trappeze Pub. It's a gastropub that puts an eclectic spin on everyday pub food. My favorites are the IPA Tomato Bisque (tomato soup with a seasonal selection of IPA beer) and the Belgian Fries served with Raspberry ketchup. 2. Having delicious drinks at Walker's. My favorite has to be the Salty Turtle. It's hot chocolate with caramel, dark chocolate, and salty flavors mixed in and topped with whipped cream. 3. Taking my dog, Pabu, to  Memorial Park....

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