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A Primer on Sport Shirt Fabrics

Not all shirt fabrics are created equal. There are so many fabrics to choose from and within each type there is a subset consisting of different weaves and textures, ply, yarn counts, weights and finishes. All these variables play a part in the price and how the fabric performs and feels to the touch. Shirts are made with lots of different fabrics including cotton, linen, silk, wool, polyester, modal, even cashmere. For the purpose of this post, we will focus on the three major fabric options – cotton, linen and polyester. We will do a separate post on the most popular weaves of cotton. Cotton – the most popular textile fiber in the world An extremely versatile fiber, cotton offers a huge range of options....

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Auburn Alumni Insights: Kendall Smither

It was not long ago that Kendall was a student at Auburn University.  We asked her to share some of her favorite memories at Auburn and a little bit about herself. Graduated: December 2013 Major: Exercise Science (Kinesiology)Current Profession: High School Science TeacherWhat were your 3 favorite things to do in Auburn, AL? 1. Game day was always my favorite tradition from beginning to end - I always made sure I was in the stadium in time to see the Eagle fly! 2. Senior year, my friends and I started a Friday afternoon tradition where we would meet at Moe's BBQ after our Friday classes for lunch and drinks, and sometimes walk across the street to Behind the Glass and dream...

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Welcome to Pine & Mercer!

Our story is one of adventure and perseverance. My husband Devesh, a former management consultant and a budding entrepreneur, worked with his uncle on developing Silk Story, a home furnishings brand, and I taught high-school science in Alpharetta, GA. We decided to take a sabbatical from work to travel around Asia to explore new places, cultures and ideas. While in China, we went to the Canton Fair, one of the world’s largest trade shows, looking for new product ideas. We walked through the exhibits for 3 days straight, but none of the products truly inspired us. IDEA + RESEARCH We returned home to Atlanta and realized that men’s game day and collegiate apparel wardrobe is very limited (in terms of both...

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