Our Shirts

Our Shirts

We didn't come from fashion. 

We didn’t have outside investors. 

We made a lot of mistakes. 

But we persevered.

Growing up in the South, we were always surrounded by sports – local, college and professional. We noticed that men’s game day and collegiate apparel wardrobe was very limited (in terms of both design and versatility). There were bright colored t-shirts and sweatshirts with huge logos plastered all over them or sport shirts, made with inferior quality fabrics, displaying busy patterns. 

We figured there are already enough places offering t-shirts for the stadium. So we set out to create something most guys would feel proud to wear to games, tailgates or even casual Fridays at the office.

We accomplished this by creating a quality handmade button-up shirt by combining a luxurious blend of linen and cotton fabric with fine tailoring  attributes that you would find in shirts considerably more expensive than ours.

Our initial collection represents team colors for a few cities including Atlanta and Athens GA, Auburn AL, and Gainesville FL. We are continuously working on new designs. We will expand our collection to include other colors soon.

Now go ahead and wear your team colors in style!


Kajal and Devesh